Are you attracted to the way we travel? does it really fit you or you would just like to try what it is?

These are some photography adventures where you can join us,

check them out!



Aerial Photography

Egypt, known to be land of the first civilizations on our planet, with its mysteries hidden in pyramids and temples has still something very unique to offer: desert landscape. If you have already been on what we call "the typical sand dunes desert" a trip to the Western Desert in Egypt will change your concept of this type of landmark. Come with us to a 6 days expedition for Landscape Photography experience.

Next expedition is in 2021. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.

Volcanic island, amazing landmarks, more tints of green together than you can imagine, four seasons in a day and the flowers paradise. The Azores is an adventure, there's so much, so unique ...  do you accept the challenge?

Next expedition is in March 2021. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.

What about photographing France and Switzerland from the air? Aerial photography offers a unique point of view that not everybody is able to enjoy. From the beautiful patterns of the French coast to the high peaks of the Swiss Alps, try to shoot further than pure landscapes but abstract pieces of art.

We are still looking for new dates but if you are interested let us know so we can keep you up to date. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.

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