Are you attracted to the way we travel? does it really fit you or you would just like to try what it is?

These are some photography adventures where you can join us,

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Traditional Portraiture in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyz people and their colourful arts. After travelling for the first time to the vast landscapes of this Central Asian country, we felt there was something special about it. The landscapes, of course, but specially the people. They are beautiful in all ways, with their generosity and welcoming tradition supported by colourful patterns of warm fabrics. On this expedition,  we will combine the arts of the Kyrgyz people with their landscapes, to create a story that presents this culture in its most pure authenticity.

Next expedition is in September 2022. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.

What about some action photography? Sports? yes, TRADITIONAL sports from Central Asia. The World Nomad Games are not only a great exhibition of qualified athletes but of tradition and culture. All participants are required to dress in their country's authentic outfits when competing in the different skills. Also, other spectacles and shows van be enjoyed during these days; cooking, dancing, singing and fashion shows! 

This year the World Nomad Games take place in Iznik, Turkey, and we have an exciting programme ready for those eager to come.

Next expedition is in September 2022. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.



Come with us

Egypt, known to be land of the first civilizations on our planet, with its mysteries hidden in pyramids and temples, has still something unique to offer: desert landscape. If you have already been on what we call "the typical sand dunes desert" a trip to the Western Desert in Egypt will change your concept of this type of landmark. Come with us to a 6 days expedition for Landscape Photography experience.

New dates coming soon. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.

Volcanic island, amazing landmarks, more tints of green together than you can imagine, four seasons in a day and the flowers' paradise. The Azores is an adventure, there's so much, so unique ...  do you accept the challenge?

Next expedition is in 2024. More information and bookings at Starling Reizen.

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