Young travellers on a 4x4 tour and camping in South America, enjoying the views at breakfast on Laguna Verde from the foot of Volcano Licancabur in Bolivia near the Chilean border

After years of off-road travelling it's time to share our work of Fine Art Photography capturing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of our planet.

Ready to enjoy our adventure?

Sebastian & Estíbalitz 

A couple of two professional photographers capturing the beauty of the world in off-road expeditions. Both adventurous people and eager to experience remote sceneries. That comes with a lot of driving, impressive landscapes, beautiful people (inside and out) and loads of special memories and footage to come back home. Once at home, the challenge! combine the editing of all that precious footage with running a Film & Photography company, Sebastian as an aerial cameraman (using gyro-stabilized cameras from helicopters) and Estíbalitz as an industrial and corporate photographer, developed good skills in planning in all this travelling in a full agenda.

Sebastian and Estíbalitz have their passion and adventurous kind in common, but there is so much they approach in a different way.


Sebastian was born in Tielt (BE) and his path in life was clear: he was going to be a wildlife photographer. Getting his first camera at 14 he was motivated enough to go lie on his belly before sunrise to capture that perfect moment of light intensity or get a beautiful close-up of a shy animal.

Sebastian’s passion for nature and photography pulled him all over the globe seeking for subjects in the harshest conditions. Soon his landscape photography matured into Fine Art which already enhance professional and private interiors.

Not fulfilled with ground-level he also took the sky to capture the most breathtaking views. His pictures didn’t go unnoticed and soon his work was picked up by National Geographic and the likes.

In other words:

·For photography there’s never an “it’s too early” or “ it’s too late” in the day, it is just the perfect moment

·Any moment is good to jump into the water, warm or cold, summer or winter...

·He’s the living form of “any country guide” and “birds guide”

·Very few roads are harsh enough to not give it a try, after all, “now we are here”

·A macro lens and a 500mm are for so much more than wildlife close-ups, says the artist

·What else do you need if you can live anywhere where your vehicle takes you?

·His real home is in the outdoors. Always happy to change lifestyle “into the wild”

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Estíbalitz Soto Alañón

Estíbalitz was born in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona, SP).

She grew up loving rhythmic gymnastics, acquiring a determination for perfection, a mindset she would apply to her later passion; photography.

After graduating in Photography and Digital creation her fields of expertise were set, sports and cultural beauty would be her new focus. Photography also brought Sebastian into her life, a perfect companion for her travel plans and future adventures.

After moving to Belgium and launching her career at a bigger scale new projects keep the enthusiasm and challenge alive.

In other words:

·There’s fortunately always a tree to climb, a rock to stand on or a high sharp edge to look from around

·No picture is really as perfect as she wants but, eventually, things need to come to an end

·Not necessary the “look how pretty I am” girl, but definitely the “I need a picture of myself here”

·Dogs and kids around the world... friendship is set

·New language? let’s give it a try! Integration is crucial and fun

·Gear is meant to be used even if you are just trying out things

·Moody? Use some SNOW or ICE-CREAM, easy right?

·In love with Adobe Creative Cloud

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